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"unless you’re enrolling in improv classes at UCB." A little something for us Angelenos :-). Happy Mothers Day to you & my wife (it's her first). I hope you get a little rest.

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Neonatal ICU nurse Wife Guy here! She actually loves it. She’s very petite so lifting adult or large child patients is difficult. Plus the babies don’t talk back or assume they know more than you.

I did show this to her and she loved it. I’ve definitely been the Guy at the beginning. I’ve gotten better. I worked this morning but on my way home now to relieve her of our kids. This Mother’s Day, she’s getting what she really wants: a nap.

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All I asked for was

a) A lunch date with grandmother-in-law, mother-in-law, my boyfriend, my daughter, and myself - essentially, four generations at one table, post COVID. Pre-Covid, there were only three generations and my in-laws had yet to experience my 17-month old at a restaurant table. ;⁠)

b) I didn't want to prepare any meals on Mother's Day. Being a stay at home mom with a toddling toddler and her picky toddlerisms, which includes (but is not limited to) throwing everything I give her for a snack back INTO the kitchen through the baby gate bars, I feel like most of my day is spent in the kitchen. Cooking or cleaning up. So, I didn't want to cook.

Well, I'm sure you can guess who ended up cooking dinner because "you didn't tell me what to make." ::facepalm::

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